Missouri History Museum

The Missouri History Museum in St. The museum is owned and operated by the Missouri Historical Society.The museum displays its collections in two buildings: the Jefferson Memorial Building and the state-of-the art Emerson Center.The Jefferson Memorial Building’s west wing is home to the Jefferson Gallery and the Lopata World’s Fair Commemorative Gallery. Both galleries showcase the 1904 World’s Fair - Looking Back at Looking Forward, an exhibition marking the Louisiana Purchase Exposition centennial (1904-2004). Visitors also may view rare Swekosky photographic collections.The new addition, the Emerson Center, was built in 2000 and is organized around the McDermott Grand Hall. The center has the capacity to host traveling exhibitions, historical themes, lectures, symposia, and theatrical performances.The St. Phillips Hospital Monument, and the Spirit of St. Louis, a replica of the aircraft flown by Charles A. Lindbergh; are highlights of the Grand hall. The Emerson Center also houses a restaurant and a gift shop.The Missouri History Museum is located at Lindell and DeBaliviere, a short walk from the Forest Park Metro Link station. The Missouri History Museum Library and Research Center (LRC) is located on Skinker Boulevard, across from Forest Park. It is open to the public for historical research.

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