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Unequal in death

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Rathburne DD-113 - History

Rathburne DD-113Rathburne( Destroyer No. 113: dp. 1,060; 1.314& 39;6& 34;; b. 31& 39;; dr. 12& 39;; s.35k.;cpl. 133; a. 4 4& 34;, 2 3& 34;, 12 21& 34; tt.; cl. Wiekes)The flrst Rathburne was laid down 12 July 1917 by William Cramp & Sons& 39; Co., Philadelphia, Pa., launched 27 December 1917; sponsored by Miss Malinda B.
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Louis XV and Madame de Pompadour (Pierre de Nolhac)

In many minds, Madame de Pompadour has remained an upstart commoner, denigrated and disparaged. Pierre de Nolhac, in his "Louis XV and Madame de Pompadour", offers us a very different portrait of the royal mistress, telling us about her life, proving her intelligence to us, perhaps the self-sacrifice of this courageous woman.
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